Feb 8, 2010

jejaka ensem batch 007

only one question
answer me please
who is the most handsome guy in our batch?guess who?

a man with big eyes and bald???nope i dun think so..he's sexy type..

a ninja boy who tries to make a cute face(not that really cute though,just perasan lebih)..owh tidak

or this triplet???maybe one of them can be the handsome one...not bad..haha

how about this guy????
certainly true..no doubt..he's the most handsome guy in batch 2007 ever..haha


Anonymous said...

for God sake hisham...
pasan giler..ayat x tahan kot

Nurul Zaty said...

K-Own jeee!!!!! :)

killerwave-2007 said...

dlam semua gmbar 2, yg last 2 dh kluar liga jejaka paling hemsem dlm batch kite....

shazika said...


skem said...

ak r yg paling hensem!!!!!!!!