Jan 15, 2009

hectic ka tahun ini??

well tell me friends..
hows ur new sem??
MUET n etc..??

my lecturer said life is hard..
but whether u like o not u hav to face it n if u do da very best out of u..
satisfaction is the output..
ol im saying dis is bcoz my life is so hardddddd.....
i had did badly 4 my las sem n it has affected me so mux..

do u no cg salmiah is opening da new restaurant??
she told nani she likes da new job like we like to pursue our studies now..
but a new beginning to a whole different world is not always easy..
altho its our biggest dream~!!
n im sure some of u toO..
let us pray for everyone success aite... ;)))

sory if dis has nothing to do wit our blog..
jz to update da post...



Entity_Z said...

ya ten..
mmg hectic pon! huk3
kdg2 rasa x nak je de idup camnie kan..
but what to do..
mmg kna face it kan?? huu

ak pn dh cba buang my critical minds tu..uhu

so..ak pun hrp taun ni gave us a brigthful life..although one side of this world now faces the extremely wars n horrible by the ZIONIS CRUEL..!!!

cma doa n skonhgan je kan...

erm..pe la yg aku cba kaitkan nie ke? heee...

to conclude : 2009?? try to make this year as what we wish...

kan?? kwn2..maybe thid year we can gather all ???

faux fay said...

btol~ amin.. ak arap cm 2 gak zaty..

fairuz_yuz said...

hehe...alhamdulillah cukup2 mkn jer..
i hope will be better soon...

year 20o9 juz started n i hope dis year we can achieve wat we want...